This June 8-11, 2018

Come celebrate all things WALTZ and More!...

- at -  

Waltz Fest Northwest

 ...in beautiful Seattle, WA 

OR ... For those from out of town, consider joining us for TWO amazing back-to-back NW dance weekends, with FOUR days of dancing in Seattle sandwiched in between! 

Waltz Fest NW (June 8-11),

followed by

Seattle's "Summer Sampler" Dance Week (June 11-14) 

and capped off with our

 Harrison Hot Springs Dance & Spa Retreat (June 15-17)

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Single Leads are needed to help take follows off of the waiting list!

Due to an initial lead/follow imbalance in registration, we will need to put all further single follows on a waiting list (please complete the registration page none-the-less.  When a space opens up, we will be happy to honor the price that corresponds with the date you registered).   All single leads and lead/follow couples will still be admitted right away.  Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

Come on, leads!  We have follows waiting for you to get them in!

About "Waltz Fest NW" (June 8-11)

Mark your calendars for "Waltz Fest NW", coming to Seattle this June 8-11, 2018:  featuring four fabulous days of classes, workshops, nightly dances, dining, socializing, and more! 

For years, Seattle has been one of this country's biggest hot spots for partnered social dance & particularly 'social' waltz (cross-step & rotary), boasting at least five different organizations that put on regular waltz dance line-ups, waltz events, or waltz balls in Seattle, and one that runs "Waltz Week in Vienna" - an amazing week of dancing and waltzing in the city that began it all!    

Come explore these wonderful offerings during "Waltz Fest Northwest" bringing together waltz dancers, organizers, teachers and DJ's from throughout the PNW and across the country for a wonderful urban waltz weekend exchange, with dances every night from Fri-Mon at a different Seattle venue and workshops during the day on Saturday & Sunday!

About "Seattle's Summer Sampler" Dance Week (June 11-14)

Between "Waltz Fest NW" & our "Harrison Hot Spring" Dance Weekends, join us in Seattle Mon-Thur, June 11-14, 2018  as we explore the rich tapestry of dance venues available to us in the city.  

Meet fellow dancers dancing your favorite dance styles, or spread your wings and try out a style or two that you haven't explored previously!  Our interim Seattle Sampler Week is the perfect opportunity for this.  

During the day, you can meet up with new friends & fellow dancers to explore the wonderful local neighborhoods, sites, and charms that Seattle has to offer (CLICK HERE for a list of suggestions of things to do).  Each night we will post a different dinner location for folks to gather and meet up, and provide a calendar of options for places to go and dance that evening (in a variety of styles).  All of the dance venues will be chosen for their fine reputations and for their primary emphasis on fun "social-partner" dancing (vs. a focus on performance or competition).  Pick and choose where you want to go and what you want to try out!  

On Friday we'll all migrate to Harrison Hot Springs (B.C) to enjoy a full day at the spa before the dinner and dancing begins that evening!  We will be happy to help arrange car-pools for any folks who need a ride

  CLICK HERE  for Details about Dance Week

About "Harrison Hot Springs Dance & Spa Retreat" (June 15-17)

Join us Fri-Sun, June 15-17, 2018 for our fourth annual "Dance & Spa Retreat" at the Harrison Hot Springs Resort in beautiful British Columbia.  It’s three fun-filled days of workshops, live music, dancing, dining, hot springs, fun, play, and R&R over the Presidents Day Weekend, with your hosts Ari Levitt & Alyssa Manning, and guest-instructor Sharon Sebo, from Kelowna, B.C.

CLICK HERE  for Details

Harrison Hot Springs is the perfect way to complete your NW dance adventure trifecta -- soaking in the hot springs, dancing the nights aways, socializing, relaxing, diving deeply into & exploring new frontiers in dance & dance connection.  Our Dance 'n Spa Weekend has consistently received rave reviews from its previous attendees.  Register and book your rooms today -- it's not to be missed!