Registration is required for the Saturday & Sunday Morning & Afternoon workshops only.  For all other events, feel free to just show up! 

Pre-registering online is much appreciated as it will greatly help to reduce the administrative time needed at the door (If you pre-register, you can still pay by cash or check at the door, no worries)  Pre-registration will guarantee you the "Early-Bird" price (before June 7).  If you don't want to pre-register, you are more than welcome to register at the door 15 minutes before class, but you will be charged the "at-the-door" price.  


  1. Please complete the registration form below and click on the "submit" button at the bottom of the form.  

  2. After you have registered, click on the PAYMENT page to complete your payment using your credit card or paypal account.  Or you can pay by cash or check at the door 10 minutes before the class begins, no worries.

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Single Leads are needed to help take follows off of the waiting list!

Due to an initial lead/follow imbalance in registration, we will need to put all further single follows on a waiting list (please complete the registration page none-the-less.  When a space opens up, we will be happy to honor the price that corresponds with the date you registered).   All single leads and lead/follow couples will still be admitted right away.  Our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience this might cause.

Come on, leads!  We have follows waiting for you to get them in!


Please fill out a separate form for each person in your party


Please let us know your Lead or Follow status

Please let us know your STUDENT status


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Which of the following workshops or bundle options are you registering for?

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============================= PAYMENT =============================

Payment can be made using your credit card or PayPal account from our payment page (Click on "PAYMENT" in the menu); or by personal check or money order sent by mail; or by cash, check, or money order paid in person before June 7th. Please check the appropriate box below to indicate your intention for payment. Payment by cash, check, or money order will help you to avoid the added online PayPal charge.

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Registration Terms and Policies:

•   View our refund policy HERE 

•    Liability Waiver: I acknowledge that there are physical risks involved while participating at Waltz Fest NW (WFNW). I voluntarily attend the event, acknowlege the risks, and release liability and waive any and all claims and causes of action against Roll Up The Rug, and all WFNW Organizers & Event or Venue Operators arising out of my participation at WFNW and traveling to/from the event. If I should require medical care or treatment, I agree to be personally responsible for any costs incurred as a result of such treatment, including legal and attorney fees. I am also aware and give my consent for Roll Up The Rug and any WFNW Event Organizers or Venue  Operators to use any photos and/or video of me taken during WFNW for marketing material. 

•    In the unlikely event that we need to make changes to the event (schedule, venue, instructors, etc), we will make every effort to notify you via e-mail, Facebook, and our webpage.